Let’s close the gap between the life you have and the life you want.

I can’t wait to get started.

I help people:
Eliminate work stress and imposter syndrome
Get clear on what they want to do next in their career
Get moving on their next step and make it a success
Create the lives they actually want

Keep reading to see exactly how I do that.

Eliminate work stress and imposter syndrome

We identify the thoughts and stories that are creating stress and anxiety at work.

And one by one, we decide:
Is this a thought you disagree with, and want to change?
Or is this a thought you agree with, and it’s your environment that needs to change?
(Both are valid.)

How I help you…

The Process

Let’s go into detail

Get clear on your next career step

How would you develop the strategy for a product that you were in charge of?

First, you would understand the product – how it works, its features, etc.

Then, you would figure out the best market for it. Who has a high-priority problem that can be solved really well by this?

If necessary, you’d do quick, cheap experiments to gather data until you’d developed conviction in the strategy and were ready to execute.

That’s exactly what we’ll do – except this time, the “product” is you :)

How I help you…

The Process

Let’s go into detail

How do you want to spend your time at work? What kinds of problems do you like solving? What activities do you like doing?

Define your ideal day-to-day at work


Who is the best customer for You The Product? Who has a high-priority problem that is solved really well by you spending your workday exactly how you want to?

Shape that day-to-day into a “product strategy”


If you’re not sure or have multiple options – figure it out by doing, not thinking. Choose the thing that’s easiest to get started with, define your experiment parameters, and begin.

Need more data? Run experiments.


Three parts: The problem you solve and why it’s a high-priority problem with a lot of demand to solve it. The solution that solves it and why it’s highly effective. And why you are the best person to deliver that solution.

Define your thesis


Get moving and make your next step a success

You’ve decided what you want to do next! This is not the end – this is just the beginning. As you work towards making your vision a reality, you will inevitably run into setbacks, rejections, and problems. We’ll handle them systematically and strategically, so you always know when to keep going and when to change course.

How I help you…

The Process

Let’s go into detail

If you have high certainty in your thesis, set a success threshold, like “I’ll keep going until I get 50 customers.” or “I’ll keep going until I get 2 job offers.”

Set a success threshold…


If you have lower certainty in your thesis, set a failure threshold, like “I’ll keep going until I get 50 rejections.” or “I’ll keep going until I do 5 interviews without an offer.”

…OR a failure threshold


If your next step is a job, start networking and interviewing. If your next step is your own venture, start pitching or building the product.

Make a doable plan and get started


By the time you hit your failure or success threshold, you will have gathered enough data to make an informed decision about whether to keep going or change course.

Repeat until you hit your threshold


Are you talking to your customers? Are you hanging out where your customers hang out? Have you found your “hell yes” people (not your “yes but” people)?

Then, check your audience


Go back to the problem, the solution, and you as the person to deliver the solution. Fully address any new concerns that have come up. Use this as an opportunity to make your thesis stronger, not weaker.

Obstacle? Rejection? First, reinforce your thesis.


Have you said it enough times? In the same way you often need to see an ad 20 times before you buy, sometimes people just need to hear your message more times before they take action.

Then, get more points of exposure


Is your message as clear and compelling as possible? Does your audience have unanticipated questions or concerns you need to address?

Then, check your message


Create the life you actually want

There’s a reason I call myself a life coach and not a career coach. We can coach extensively on all the topics above…AND we can talk about anything else. Dating, relationships, fitness goals, bad habits, whether or not you should get a dog – it’s all fair game :)

How I help you…

Concepts We’ll Use

The best way to break bad habits and resolve internal conflicts. Identify what you really want or need, and find an even better way to get it.

Same goal, different path

Point your brain at the right question. Ask: “How can I get everything I want with no Should’s?”
NOT: “How can I be okay with not getting what I want?”

Want vs. Should

Don’t pursue your goals as if you’re below baseline and scrambling to get from 0 to 1. Pursue them as if you’re above baseline and having fun going from 100 to 110.

Surplus mindset vs. deficit mindset 

That thing you’re afraid to do? Find a way to do it small and low-stakes. Get 10 mini-reps. Grow your capacity to do scary things in bite-size chunks without shocking your system.

Mini-reps to grow courage 

Make a simple, doable plan. If it doesn’t get done OR it feels bad to do it, examine your thoughts. Change your thoughts, or change the plan. Repeat until the goal is achieved.

Plan-based problem-solving 

It’s easy to get frustrated with your “inconvenient” automatic brain. But your relationship with your brain is your relationship with yourself. And we’re going to make it the best relationship in your life.

Be a friend to your automatic brain

I have a deep bank of concepts and processes to draw on…

AND every coaching package is custom tailored to YOU. I provide exactly what you need for your unique journey.

Nothing cookie-cutter here.

 I think the biggest transformation is not hating my brain. Now, I work with it and am like, “Oh, right, it's doing this to protect me. Thanks, brain!” I love that I have this relationship with my brain that's like a partnership.

CEO, PE-backed company

I have more confidence. I advocate for myself a lot more at work. I second guess myself a lot less. I have healthier relationships with my family. The benefits didn't just impact me – they impacted my teams at work and my family at home. And that's pretty much all you can ask for.

Head of Business Development at MedTech Company

I'm a much better partner to my co-CEO. And I feel more present when I'm with my son because I'm able to solve the challenges instead of bringing them into a new space.

Jenny Xia Spradling
Founder & Co-CEO, FreeWill

I’ve gained the ability to notice when I'm in the more negative thought patterns and to recognize that no amount of bullying myself is going to result in the change I want. I’ve been able to build a more positive, affirming, confidence-building narrative about myself.

Early-Stage Tech Startup Director turned Design Consultant

People have commented on it – they’ve said “Something's different about you.” My friends have been able to see me blossom and be more positive. 

 VP at Major Financial Institution

 It's honestly fun. You're working on the most important thing in your life – your goals and your aspirations. And you're doing it in a manner that is not harsh or strict. In fact, it's quite fun.

Solutions Engineer at Fintech Company

The power of a coach

Why hire someone?

You can do it on your own – you are 100% capable of it.

It’s just that it takes more time. And time is your #1 most precious resource. You can always get more money – but you can’t get more time.

With a coach…

You have dedicated time and space set aside to make steady progress toward your goals.

You have structure and accountability to ensure that you’re always moving forward and troubleshooting whatever isn’t working.

You can lean on a professional’s expertise and experience. You can just get the answer rather than spending months or years figuring it out yourself.

You shorten your failure cycles and get unstuck within days, not months.

You start accruing the compound interest of having this Life Problem-Solving Toolkit today, not later.

Meet Pooja

Then one day, enter: Coaching.

Specifically, root-cause coaching that blends concepts from psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness into one clean, simple framework that can break down and solve any problem.

It’s so simple, and so insanely effective, that I couldn’t believe no one had taught it to me in all the fancy schools and training programs I had attended!

So that’s what I do now: Bring simple, high-leverage Life Problem-Solving Tools to stressed-out overachievers who want to close the gap between what they want their lives to be and the life they’re living right now.

Let me tell you about my life from birth to 2020.

On the outside: Harvard College. Harvard Business School. Top firms. Fast promotions. ✨The life✨

On the inside: Chronic pain. Binge eating. Relentless stress. Medical leaves. “What is this all for?”

Get to know your coach

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"I move through the world with greater confidence

in what I have and who I am, which has allowed me to be less susceptible to criticism from others, or perceived criticism usually.

I'm able to operate from a more self-assured state of mind, where the negative or self-critical thoughts still come up, but I have an easier time seeing the big picture that I am a capable, successful person. Which has made the hard times easier to manage."

"Even in our first consultation, Pooja will hear me go on and on about various topics 

and then she’ll be able to, in one sentence, say something that gets me unstuck or feels like it is the crux of the whole cobweb of stuff that's in my head. I think that's very rare and very special. 

"I've noticed a big impact in my life.

Other people have noticed it too. I feel better physically, mentally, and I feel like I'm on a better track in my career. So I'm so grateful to have worked with Pooja, and I could not recommend her more highly to anyone else.

"I realized that you can always create a space of abundance,

even when there's scarcity. This process has allowed me to go so deep into myself and realize: Just be more yourself. You don’t have to change. And that abundance helps me to make better, less fear-based decisions.

It’s time to live the life you actually want.

Let’s start today.