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 I think the biggest transformation is not hating my brain. Now, I work with it and am like, “Oh, right, it's doing this to protect me. Thanks, brain!” I love that I have this relationship with my brain that's like a partnership.

CEO, PE-backed company

I have more confidence. I advocate for myself a lot more at work. I second guess myself a lot less. I have healthier relationships with my family. The benefits didn't just impact me – they impacted my teams at work and my family at home. And that's pretty much all you can ask for.

Head of Business Development at MedTech Company

I'm a much better partner to my co-CEO. And I feel more present when I'm with my son because I'm able to solve the challenges instead of bringing them into a new space.

Jenny Xia Spradling
Founder & Co-CEO, FreeWill

I’ve gained the ability to notice when I'm in the more negative thought patterns and to recognize that no amount of bullying myself is going to result in the change I want. I’ve been able to build a more positive, affirming, confidence-building narrative about myself.

Early-Stage Tech Startup Director turned Design Consultant

People have commented on it – they’ve said “Something's different about you.” My friends have been able to see me blossom and be more positive. 

 VP at Major Financial Institution

 It's honestly fun. You're working on the most important thing in your life – your goals and your aspirations. And you're doing it in a manner that is not harsh or strict. In fact, it's quite fun.

Solutions Engineer at Fintech Company